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ULTRACECO COLOSSUS - Was pioneer in the development of piston compressors with a focus on medical application.


On the path of innovation, ULTRA CONTROLO was pioneer in the development of piston compressors with a focus on medical application. Thus, ULTRACECO COLOSSUS was born – the oil-less piston compressor, robust and highly efficient, which is the compressors’ Excellency, with a long life cycle and easy maintenance. Contact us for further information.

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ULTRACCECO LP2 – Low pressure gas compressors


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ULTRACECO SC – Oil-free Spiral Compressors, made in Portugal.

Being ULTRA-CONTROLO an upfront and innovative company in vacuum and compressed air technologies, we present to you the new compressor ULTRACECO SC.

Totally oil-less scroll compressor

ULTRACECO is a spiral compressor and 100% oil-free, designed for specific needs as industrial, food, laboratory and medical.
It also can be complemented with one or more air treatment and dryer units, making sure that the compressed air has an ideal quality for its intended purpose.

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Advantages of having an ULTRACECO compressor:
• High quality compressed air
• Compression exempt of oil or grease
• Without gearbox
• Belt driven
• Energy saving:
    • no idle running
    • progressive starting acc. to air demand
• Low noise level
• Low compressed air temperature

It is a scroll compressor from a Portuguese manufacturer, whose principles and traditions is to look after the interests of the clients, always showing the best solution in a customized manner, ensuring a low cost of operation and great equipment’s longevity. And as all the products manufactured by ULTRA-CONTROLO, the ULTRACECO compressor is designed to operate fully, perfectly and with the assurance that it has the highest reliability and energetic efficiency.

By having a scroll compressor element, oil-free, with minimum moving parts, our ULTRACECO is very quiet, emitting a very low noise level. In addition, it is air cooled, and also has a soundproof enclosure for better noise isolation.

The ULTRACECO have a high efficiency engine, built in accordance with European standard, with heat dissipating housing with IP55 isolation, Class F, and B3 configuration. In addition it provides a large energy saving because it has no high starting spikes, does not work in idle cycle and has scaled starting for each group, according to the network request.

Its uniqueness exemption of oil and small amount of moving parts means that the maintenance costs are almost non-existent. Requires very little maintenance, but at the same time a long period of operation is guaranteed.

It is a very compact and extremely versatile system, i.e., if ever need to increase the capacity of a compressed air system, simply add one or more compressor groups, without having to replace the rest of the components.

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