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Ultra-Controlo – International was born in 2012 in an internationalization process of the Portuguese company Ultra-Controlo – Projectos Industriais. The goal was to dedicate in exclusive to the exportation and promotion of Ultra-Controlo – Projectos Industriais’ beyond Portuguese boarders.

Ultra-Controlo – Projectos Industriais Lda, was founded in 1987 with the purpose of serving the national industry in the areas of Vacuum, Compressed Air, Filtration and Process Control. Began operating as sole representative of prestigious factories, with special relevance to Rietschle – now part of one of the largest international groups of compressed air and vacuum – Gardner Denver.

In face of the hospital sector requests, the company started in 1989 the manufacturer of Vacuum Plants, ULTRAVAC® and Compressed Air Plants, ULTRAAR® and MEDIAR® for hospital applications, being brands of reference and symbols of excellence, with several hundred units operating with full success since that date.

Covering all Portuguese territory, including Madeira, Azores and Portuguese-speaking countries and all activities sectors, Ultra-Controlo become one of the main vacuum suppliers and has assumed, in the last years, a leading position in compressed air.

The constant training and exchange of experiences and know-how, the creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit that Ultra-Controlo revealed with the challenges presented by clients and market, have allowed the implementation of innovative technologies in the manufacturer process and industrial application in several Portuguese companies. Also contributed for the economic growth and development of those companies, in the reduction of costs and, as a consequence, for the progress of the country.

Represents, in exclusive, a set of companies linked in these domains of vacuum, compressed air and pump. The employees are spread over specific departments, are 100% dedicated to the promotion of the products entrusted by their brands, to look after their best interest as well as the companies’ and the client’s.

Ensuring a quality far above the standards of ISO 9001:2008 e ISO 13485:2003 – to which their customers are already accustomed to – and the supply of state of the art products, the Ultra-Controlo team thanks the trust that clients and brands continue to place in their work over the years.

Ultra Controlo International
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