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The medical compressed air plant MEDIAR guarantees continuous production and supply of compressed air for the hospital network. By integrating in its set air treatment/drying units, the compressed air quality is in accordance with the parameters of European Pharmacopeia, certified by an independent notified organization. The drying/treatment units can be adjusted to what you need.
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This medical compressed air plant has the distinction of being 100% oil-free, providing a quality of breathable air that surpasses all the standards set by European Pharmacopeia. ULTRAAR incorporates air treatment/drying units of your choice, which confer increased compressed air quality, which is a medicine.
This plant is an excellent long term investment, you know why? Longevity has a guaranteed for more than 40 years!
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Our ULTRAAR SC version is a set of high technology and advantages. Apart from having all the advantages of the standard version, adds an operating costs reduction, as well larger maintenance intervals, the filters and the plant room are always clean, the noise level is low, and if you want to increase the capacity of your plant, you don’t need to replace a thing: just add compressor blocks. And beyond that, is 100% Portuguese.
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The version ESW of ULTRAAR is the most recent innovation of ULTRA CONTROLO, with a piston compressor developed by our expert Engineers – the ULTRACECO COLOSSUS.
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The Medical Compressed Air indicated for dentistry.

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