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We have as our priority your physical integrity, and therefore, we are committed to maintaining the quality of our plants, exceeding international standards, as ISO 7396, AFNOR, BS - HTM, ACSS, and so on.
To take our products to several markets, our goal is to create a network of distributors that actively promote our brands of Portuguese machines. We intend to bring our plants to the whole world, as well as our machines and the name of Portugal.

Not only are the industrial plants. We want to expand, above all, our network of medical gas facilities, so that all citizens of the world have access to medical gases of superior quality. We want in the same way to take across borders our compressor 100% Portuguese, ULTRACECO, manufactured by us. We have centralized vacuum and compressed air systems we also want to export, and as well as systems of biogas installations.

Since 1987 we have been the main vacuum supplier for the Portuguese industry and pioneer in the adoption of centralized vacuum and compressed air low pressure systems for all types of industry. Now we want to do the same at the global level. Ultra-Controlo is included in the list of European Manufacturers of Medical Devices and feel proud to have hundreds of medical gas plants operating 24/24, without a single stop.

We remain committed to developing and promoting the use of the best and most advanced medical air production systems and medical vacuum, promoting best practices and a culture of conscience toward human beings and enabling hospitals to better provision of health care. We believe that we play a vital role in hospitals where our focus is to protect the physical integrity of all persons in need of medical gases.

ISO 9001 ISO 13485 93/42/EEC

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