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Our Medical Oxygen Production Plant ensures an oxygen purity about 94% (+/-1%), so, our oxygen have a quality that surpass the parameters of European and American Pharmacopeia.
This, plus the fact about being a plant that can be installed anywhere and have a full row of compatibilities, makes it an asset to the autonomy of your health care unit.
Investing in a ULTRAOX plant, we guarantee a cost reduction up to 80%! A proven fact by our other customers that already acquired our plant.
Nowadays it is the only plant available that can assure a, oxygen medical quality as close to cryogenic oxygen.
Talk with us to know all our row of capacities and options. For sure we have the best solution for your needs!

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Our commitment goes through creating solutions to suit you. ULTRAOX in a container system is the best solution for who looks to save some space inside his health care unit, or simply, does not have space inside at all. This system consists in assemble the plant inside a shipping container of 10 to 40 feet. The container is isolated, ventilated, lighted and air-conditioned, all conditions are created so that the plant can be attached with the maximum convenience. The pipe connection is made directly from the container to the hospital network. And you still got the possibility to attach a bottle filling station for backup or supply other divisions of the same unit. For great commodity and versatility, is not only ULTRAOX that can be installed in this container system. All plants that you will see above can be assembled in a container system! We have a specialized team of engineers and technicians prepared to evaluate each case individually and personally.

More information: www.ultracontrolo.com

To complement our ULTRAOX, we present the ULTRAFIL, the oxygen cylinder filling station.
ULTRAFIL provides an autonomy to your facility, it can fill bottles for backup, emergency, or to different poles of the same health unit, without having to rely on external suppliers.
Equipped with a high-pressure compressor from the smaller to the larger versions you can refill several bottles per day.

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If we have the filling station, we also have bottles.
Bottles are extruded steel, B50 size, there are also other capabilities.
They are manufactured according to the French AFNOR standard.
Contact us for more information.

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