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Vacuum and Suction


As important as the medical compressed air is the medical vacuum, either for fans of artificial respiration, aspiration of fluids into the operating theater, or direct aspiration fluid of patients for clearing ways or cleaning injuries. Its design and manufacturing are Portuguese, integrating German pumps by the prestigious Elmo-Rietschle.
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Vacuum and Suction


Designed especially for dentistry practice, this system is precisely the one you are looking for – a top of range equipped with the most efficient filters and pumps of the world’s number one brand:
Elmo Rietschle.

Surgical teams are often exposed to anesthetic gases that "leak" the masks of patients undergoing surgery. There are diseases and consequences associated with this long-term exposure. In thinking of the welfare of surgical teams, was thought, designed and conceived ULTRASEG, which is our aspiration of anesthetic gases plant. This plant removes from breathing air any mixture of anesthetic gas, and it can be installed in any location, where are provided nitrous oxide terminals. It is an extremely compact, modular construction and allows that one system is in operation while the other is in reserve or maintenance. Is also classified as a medical device and complies with various quality standards.
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More information: www.ultracontrolo.com

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